Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

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See the pulldown menu above for a school supplies list. Doing your very best to be in attendance and learn is vital to your success here and beyond!

 The faculty, staff and administrators of Pelion Middle School are excited to begin this new year. It is a delight to see the positive attitudes, smiling faces and eager students. Our desire is to partner with you and change for the better. We will continue to work very hard to overcome barriers to learning and improve learning outcomes for success.

Pelion Middle School is a LEADer in Me & Blended School.


Panthers please give a warm welcome to our new principal Kailanya Brailey!

 Welcome Students!


 Pelion Middle School’s Beliefs

Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

Life After Middle School?

Rising 6th Grade Information

Students’ learning needs should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school. Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. The family, school, and community working together are crucial to the development and well being of the student. The success of our community and nation depends upon respect and appreciation for our country, its democratic institutions and our individual differences. Quality education is worth the time, effort, and money. All individuals are accountable for the choices they make and understanding that with each choice comes responsibilities and consequences. Positive attitudes encourage a positive learning environment. Learning is a life-long process that promotes and improves the quality of life and is essential for continuous growth.


The mission of Pelion Middle School—where caring people, academics, the arts and athletics connect—is to prepare students for successful transition to high school as they work towards becoming productive 21st century graduates.  We will accomplish this mission while serving as a center for community learning.

 Therefore, we will:

  • Provide opportunities to develop talents, interests, and skills through choices from a comprehensive system of 21st Century learning experiences in the arts, academics, and athletics.

  • Ensure the rigor of academic core courses to improve the success of all students.

  • Provide opportunities for students/staff to develop and practice leadership and citizenship skills.

  • Use data to drive decision-making.

  • Use innovative, standards-based instructional strategies to promote active student engagement, personalize learning, and ensure that our students are learning sophisticated 21st century skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

  • Develop a culture of caring, support, and responsibility among all stakeholders.

  • Engage family and community in the school environment through a variety of learning and participatory activities to promote lifelong learning.


Our students will leave Pelion Middle School as self-directed, creative, collaborative, caring, and plurilingual learners who are on  a path to flourish in high school and beyond in a global, competitive 21st century.


  • Our schools serve as a center for community learning.

  • Our students are engaged in self-directed, collaborative, high quality learning experiences that will prepare them for high school curriculum and continued life-long learning.

  • Our school culture fosters the development of leadership and citizenship skills.

  • All stakeholders accept responsibility for the learning of our students.

  • Each student receives the personal support necessary to reach his or her goals through a caring environment that advocates for students and works to eliminate barriers to learning.

Rigor, Relevance & Relationships