Please congratulate the members of the Pelion Middle School Orchestra program who competed at our State Performance Assessment today at West Wood High School.

These students earned the highest ratings possible (Superior) from all judges for both performing groups, and were the only school in Lexington School district 1 to accomplish this and the only school in the region to accomplish it during today’s set of competing groups.
Last year many of these same students earned the first Superior ranking in Pelion Middle School Orchestra history, and this year they continue to set a legacy of excellence and distinction.
Please let them know how proud you are of their dedication, hard work, and performance today. They are truly exceptional ambassadors of the work we do here as a whole at Pelion Middle. Many teachers commented on how well-behaved, disciplined, respectful and polite our students were. They are putting out positive images of what we do here!
Thank you all for your support of the arts!


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