Counseling and Advisement Department


Welcome to the Counseling & Advisement Department!

The Pelion Middle School Counseling Department is a comprehensive school counseling program designed to address academic, career, and social/emotional development in our children.

The program is holistic in nature and utilizes best practices that are proactive and preventative measures designed to meet the needs of all students.

The PMS School Counseling Department is recognized by the American School Counselor Association as a Model Program.

If you would like to speak to or schedule an appointment with a school counselor, please contact Mrs. Victoria Borgman at 803-821-2307.


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About Pelion Middle School Counseling & Advisement

Mission Statement:

The Pelion Middle School counselors in partnership with Lexington District One, Pelion Middle faculty and staff, students, and community stakeholders create a data driven, comprehensive, counseling program whereby exemplary academic, career, and emotional/social learning opportunities provide all students to be productive and successful 21st century life – long leaders.

Vision Statement:

Every Pelion Middle School student participates in a high quality, caring environment where students are creative, competitive 21st century self-directed learners who are prepared for college and/or career opportunities in our global world.

Statement of Beliefs:

The counselors at Pelion Middle School believe:

  • All students deserve opportunities to learn and be challenged.
  • All students can achieve academic success with the support of a school counseling program that ensures equal opportunities for all.
  • Strong relationships are essential to learning, and school counselors will seek out ways to develop and foster these relationships.
  • All students deserve access to a full-time, certified, professional school counselor who plans, manages, and delivers a comprehensive, developmentally-appropriate school counseling program.
  • A comprehensive school counseling program will provide appropriate services for all students such that students will maximize their successes in academic, career, and social/emotional development.
  • School counselors will observe all legal and ethical obligations to their students.


 The Pelion Middle School Counseling Department is aligned with the American School Counseling Association Model.  Students at Pelion Middle will be served in the areas of social/emotional, academic, and/ or career needs. The school counseling staff provides opportunities such as individual counseling, small groups, classroom delivery, and collaboration. The opportunities help students develop some of the important life- long learning skills for the 21st century. Creativity, cooperation, communication, and critical thinking are skills interwoven in the comprehensive school counseling program. In accordance with the ethical standards of the American School Counseling Association model, student’s confidentiality will be maintained between counselor and student except in cases of imminent danger.  The counselor will make a professional decision regarding what constitutes imminent danger.  Appropriate persons/agencies will be notified if there is imminent danger to the student or another individual or if there is a suspicion of child abuse or neglect.