Faculty and Staff

Barry Harley Success Academy
Sixth Grade
Kimberly Dunbar Language Arts
Lynn Martin Language Arts
Susan Leonard Social Studies
Angie Kruger Social Studies
Shannon Waites Science
Shelly Martin Science; Science Department Chair
Whitney Wiles Math
Brandy Wood Math
Seventh Grade
Paige Haroff Language Arts
Beth Bagnall Language Arts
Corey Bedenbaugh Social Studies Department Chair
Sabrina Williams Social Studies
Alicia Smith Science
Jennifer Corley Science
Brooke Michael Mathematics
Amy Rankin Mathematics
Eighth Grade
Ginger Sox Language Arts
Holly Mathews Language Arts
Tommy Church Social Studies
Sabrina Williams Social Studies
Garrick Ball Science
Jennifer May Science
Vickie Davis Mathematics
Patrick Smith Mathematics
Foreign Languages
Catherine Bouabre French
Bonnie Tucker French
Chris Godwin German
Genny Nelson Latin
Iris Garcia Spanish
Jessica Oberly Spanish/World Language Department Chair


Taylor Colbert Art/Exploratory Department Chair
Joseph Finley Band
Hannah Fakoury Chorus
Ashley Owens Agriculture Science
Amy Thomasson Drama
Dr. Kim Roper Digital Literacy
Genny Nelson Orchestra & Strings
Larry Poole Physical Education
Melissa Butler Physical Education
John Leneschmidt
STEM Academy-ITE; Robotics
Special Education
Blair Sydow ESOL
Victoria Borgman Special Education: Instructional Assistant
Megan Dooley Special Education: Instructional Assistant
Megan Verburg Special Education: Resource
Leah Lewis Special Education: Resource
Jessica Seibert Special Education: Resource
Jody Yarbrough Special Education: Resource
Michelle Brochu Special Education: Resource
Darla Rutkoskie Special Education Secretary
Marie Frye Special Education: Speech


Response to Intervention
Christopher Johnson Administrative Project Director
Becky Dunham 6th RTI Instructional Assistant
Elizabeth Peeples 7-8th RTI Math, Tier III
Christopher Johnson 6th RTI English Language Arts, Tier III Reading
Spencer Harrison 7-8th RTI English Language Arts, Tier III Reading
Instructional & Technical Support
Laura Beckham Digital Learning Coach
Misty Brown Computer Technician
Carmen Mangus Teacher Librarian
Non-Instructional Support
Jennifer Goodwin Executive Secretary
Diane Mouser Discipline/Student Services Secretary
Kathy Mobley School Receptionist
Freddie Phillips Lead Custodian
Erica Panter Student Records Operator/Secretary
Kristie Heustess Nurse
Cindy Calvert Attendance Secretary
Kelly Beauchamp School Psychologist
Deputy Allen Nesbitt School Resource Officer
Teresa Price Cafeteria Manager
McKinley Shealy Monitor
School Counseling and Advisement Department
Clayton Henke School Counselor, School Counseling and Advisement
Taylor White School Counselor, School Counseling and Advisement
Shirley Chalmers School Counseling Secretary