PMS is Making Middle Grades Work

Making Middle Grades Work ( MMGW) is a middle grades initiative designed to help states, districts and schools look at what they expect, what they teach and how they teach young adolescents to prepare for success in further education.  Making Middle Grades Work is a network of schools, districts and states committed to implementing 10 essential elements in a comprehensive improvement framework.

Pelion Middle School has been a part of the MMGW initiative since the 2005-06 school year.

As a part of MMGW we have instituted a number of school-wide initiatives to improve instruction and help our students be successful.  These include:

  • A renewed focus on learning and teaching including our No Excuses policy.
  • Rigorous in-service training for our teachers before school starts in the fall and throughout the school year.
  • An on-going study of our test and survey results, along with teacher made assessments, to improve teaching and learning.
  • Staff attendance and presentations at MMGW conferences.
  • Implementation of the “coaching” model to provide support and training for our staff.  Presently we have a literacy coach and science coach on our staff. 
  • Implementation in 2008-09 of a weekly advisor/advisee program for all students based on Sean Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens.
  • Scheduling a 30 minute period daily for students to complete enrichment activities in each core subject or to make-up or re-do work to standard.
  • Our advisor/advisee and re-do/make-up/enrichment period is called P.A.W.S. which stands for Panthers Always Work Smarter.

We believe our involvement in MMGW is an important part of our total effort to improve teaching and learning at Pelion Middle School.